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Support prostate cancer research and get award winning wine.

Awarding winning wine with a purpose

Our commitment to you is simple: to support prostate cancer research.

The major source of external revenue for The Foundation is through collaboration with our wine making efforts at 2redWinery where we produce award-winning Zinfandels and Syrah/Rhone blends.  Your tax-deductible contributions to The Foundation entitles you to our wine as gifts.

Since 2013, the Foundation continued to combine wine-making with fund-raising, rewarding supporters with great wines from the wine library of 2redWinery.

All proceeds support the foundation.


Long-time wine enthusiasts of wine, we started small-volume wine making in 2007. The motivation then was indulging a long-time passion and, well, making out own wine. We had some half-baked notions of marketing out wine but had not taken significant steps until more serious matters unfolded.

In 2006 and 2008, Bob was biopsied by his urologist to evaluate an elevated PSA and was told that “it’s all good!” and to never again check his PSA as it would always be high. In 2009, Bob diagnosed his own metastatic prostate cancer. In exchange for the bad advice, the university medical center provided a small settlement. Determined to make the best, we created The Hollander Foundation and funded it with the settlement. 

The idea to continue to fund The Hollander Foundation with out wine making efforts followed: trying to do good with something we loved. 

Or, if you prefer, instead of lemonade from lemons, wine from grapes. And, some pretty excellent wine, at that.

Prostate cancer trails only lung cancer in American men as a cause of cancer death.

The odds are that you already know someone who has been affected by prostate cancer.

goes to prostate cancer research institutions
goes to overhead costs
100 %

Your Love of Our Wine Makes This Impact

Recipients of unrestricted grants from the Foundation include:

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